Young Mickey Champion

Mickey Champion appears at Babe's & Ricky's every Monday .
She also performs around town at Harvelle's, Little Pedro's, and the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena among others. Please contact these establishments for an up-to-date schedule.



About Mickey Champion...
Mickey Champion is from Lake Charles, Louisiana, and has been singing for over fifty years. She was discovered in Los Angeles by the great bandleader Johnny Otis, and went on to work with such performers as T-Bone Walker, Little Esther Phillips, Roy Milton, Billy Holliday, and many more. She has also influenced artists like Barbara Morisson, Linda Hopkins, as well as numerous up and coming young stars. Mickey has a voice that is a cross between a smooth shot of Hennessy's and an acetylene blowtorch. She enthralls audiences with her electric and heartfelt vocals, leaving nothing wanting when she pours out her soul each night on the stages around the country.
(Georgina Moore help produce "What You Want").